Automate 2017 Preview: A Trade Show Booth to Get You Noticed

With Automate 2017 fast approaching here in Chicago, we wanted to share some thoughts on how to make the most of your booth space. Below are three booth must-haves that you won’t want to overlook as you’re making last minute preparations for Automate.

 Make Your Booth Appealing to Everyone

Be visual and tactile by offering a variety of display options to attract different audiences.

  • Place media elements around the perimeter
    • Add digital screens on podiums, just inside the periphery, with engaging videos featuring your products, touch screens for attendees to interact with and/or company blog posts
  • Creatively display samples of your products, flyer and pamphlets
    • Consumers want information to read and marketing collateral is a great way to provide more detailed information that can be referenced long after the trade show

Mark Your Territory with Brand Cohesion

Make your messaging clear and easily seen from every direction.

  • Put forth a consistent look and feel from top to bottom
    • It’s hard to see through a sea of people, so hanging signage from the ceiling makes your booth visible from anywhere
    • Incorporate brand colors and design elements throughout the space, to reinforce your brand and what it stands for
    • Select carpeting that matches your brand’s colors – it easily defines your space with color

Manning your Booth

The finishing touch to a great booth is always approachable and engaging brand ambassadors.

  • Plan to have more than enough staff available at all times
  • Ensure each ambassador will be easily noticed with company branded apparel
  • Make sure each ambassador is enthusiastic and ready to engage – excitement generates excitement

The best booth isn’t always the most expensive booth. But a great booth does take a lot of planning and preparation. Trade shows get your target audience right where you want them, so don’t overlook the basics and be sure to allot enough time to execute all of your tactics.

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