Michigan Ross School of Business

Fully-integrated campaigns across distinct targets with measurable results

Objective: Our overall charge was to develop marketing communication strategies customized for six separate and distinct programs, as well as an overall unifying campaign for Michigan Ross across programs, to drive applicant leads and build awareness.

Solution: Noble developed a campaign unified in identity, diverse in messages and inspired by research. To drive awareness, engagement and inquiries for the different programs, we leveraged some traditional offerings with predominantly digital vehicles, allowing for deep dives into vertical targets by program. For each program, we developed and tested A/B messaging options and optimized toward the best-performing message based on conversion data for established success measures.

Results: While still in progress, the campaign is seeing excellent, tangible results against stated objectives, such as campaign click-through rates well above industry averages, more than 320 recorded conversions through demand-side platform and paid search alone and exceptional growth in application data.